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Bleed Orange

Design by: Squeeze My Tees

If this design gets 40 likes, we will grab our squeegees and start printing!

My heart bleeds orange! What about you?


Front of shirt 2 Bleed Orange

Bleed Orange Bleed Orange

Picture Video
Juice Box Chatter

T: change out the stylized valentines heart and draw a real human heart

@T: Is that not too gory?

Jake: i could go either way. clever take on "bleed orange'

∫ødø: Needs more color, imo

AgentOrange: I must have this!

AgentOrange: Maybe make the shirt in Syracuse blue, and the heart and veins in orange...use all SU colors.

C: Yeah even navy blue would make it a little more cuse-like

o: anything on the back?

Idateanorangeman: I'd buy it. But I'd prefer a more anatomically correct heart.

Summer: If it said sf giants I'd rock it


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