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Boeheim Screamer


Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton · Size charts for Men and Women

If you are between sizes, go one size up for best flippage! 50% of profits are donated to the Jim Boeheim Foundation.
In order to rock this shirt, you must know the basics.
1. During an SU freethrow throw your hands high in the sky and yell "Woosh!" as we drain another free throw!
2. During key moments in the game, lift the shirt over your head, transform yourself into Coach Boeheim, and scream your lungs out!

Disclaimer: Fan participation required.
Boeheim Photography: Nate Shron, The Daily Orange


Jared From Subway! Boeheim Screamer

Amazing Video of Boeheim Screamer for RotoloProject evil at the Louisville game. 2/11/11 Boeheim Screamer

Repping NYC Boeheim Screamer

Hilarious Boeheim Mannequins in SU Schine Bookstore Boeheim Screamer

Our tees in the Schine bookstore Boeheim Screamer

Our advertisement in the Daily Orange! Looking good! Boeheim Screamer

Crazy fans Boeheim Screamer

Photography by Marc Squire Boeheim Screamer

Three balls! Boeheim Screamer

Yeah, if you have a hairy chest like me, you can rock it with a shirt underneath! Boeheim Screamer

Tory and

Tory rocking the shirt! Boeheim Screamer

Front of Shirt! Boeheim Screamer

Front of Shirt Boeheim Screamer

Inside of Shirt Boeheim Screamer

Brian flipping his shirt and transforming into Coach Boeheim! Boeheim Screamer

Picture Video
Juice Box Chatter

Eric Pratts: hahahah! I LOVE THIS!!

YES: you are a genius sir

Brosenthal: Can I turn it inside out and just wear it as an upside-down picture of Jim Boeheim's face?

Brian: you can wear it how ever you want! hell, it'd make a nice skirt...

orange fan: Wow guys this is brilliant. You need to like copyright this thing and do it with everything!

Bob: Pretty dumb. Good luck selling five of these.

Bob: My name is Bob and I'm not creative so I mock other people's awesome ideas. Oh wait, that was the guy above this comment. Awesome shirt, guys!

Bob: My name isn't Bob, but I am creative.

Veronica: Going to the Louisville game, all in my group will be wearin' and screamin'. Thank you for the awesomeness!
SqueezeMyTees: Thanks so much! Rock them at the game, and take pictures!

Laura: Love the shirt!! Need to buy one for Georgetown game!
SqueezeMyTees: When Cuse returns back to the dome, Hoyas are going down!

Jay: Best. Shirt. Ever.

Caitlin O: Getting this for Georgetown game! SHUTTIN THEM DOWN!

Party Pooper: @ orange fan... sorry man, it's been done before but i'm glad cuse adopted the idea so i can be a raging jimmy b at all the games

Name: Write your story!

chuck: That ish is the tits

Buck: I'm Buck and when I wear that shirt, I like to f... PARTY!

Bubby Tomkins: This is like that Goat Cheese.

The Real Buck: My name's Buck and I party

The Real Buck: My name's Buck and I party

MICHAELANTONIO : This is cool, I can see how popular this will be with the guys, watching girls lift this shirt over their head... Ladies wear another shirt under this... sorry boys... LOL

Love these t-shirts: Thanks for the quick delivery and the quality is great!

Squeeze My Tees: haha great photo Victoria!

James: I think you may want to add a facebook button to your site. I just marked down the site, but I had to do this by hand. Simply my advice.


The Many Faces Of Jim Boeheim
a man of many many faces

Day in the life of the Giant Boeheim Head
awesome videos on campusbasement!

Nunes Magician
Even if you have a hairy chest

Post Standard
"They think it's funny, engaging -- more than a T-shirt. It's something to do at a game."

CitrusTV Interview
Description (optional)

Coed Magazine Link
This is pretty awesome

RotoloProject: Boeheim Screamer Tees
The life story of the Boeheim Screamer tee by Squeeze My Tees at Syracuse University! Watch how an idea spreads through a community!

UNY Startups
Squeeze My Tees: The Story Behind The Boeheim Screamer! (Hi-Def Video). "The appropriately timed release of t-shirts in response to major social events is an emerging market given how social media has accelerated the rate of real-world memes over the past six years."

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